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What The Different Kinds Of Things That You Need To Know About Kolhapuri Sandals?

Posted by Admin on December, 14, 2020

Kolhapuri sandal is an Indian specialty, a shoe design that is very traditional. Essentially, Kolhapuri Chappal or sandal is a hand-crafted leather product. It is an indigenous product and several local artisans of India make Kolhapuri sandals. It is one of the prime ways of earning livelihood. The local artisans make the chappals in a traditional way.

Making of the Chappals

To make Mens Kolhapuri Chappal Supplier the artisans use local tanning process. They use vegetable dyes during tanning. The sandals are unique in terms style as they are open-toed, and have t-strap. You will find these sandals all across India, and it is popular among the men. As, the design of the sandal is traditional so, men prefer to wear it with traditional attire; it is needless to say that the design reflect signature Indian style.

Interesting Facts about Kolhapuri Chappal

There are few facts that you need to know before you go to buy Mens Kolhapuri Chappal. You already know that it is a hand-crafted product. So, you will see slight differences in every pair. These defects are natural defect, they are not product defect. Having such defect on the hand-crafted product makes the product unique.

The interesting fact about Kolhapuri sandals is, artisans do not use nails. They stitch the leather to give it a traditional shape. Speaking of stitches, the artisans use lender-string and they combine the sole and the upper part of the sandal. You will get a wide range of designs, and the designs are done by stitching as well.

Although, you will get different types of designs in multiple color but, original Kolhapuri is a combination of gold and silver. Apart from ethnic clothes, you can pair Kolhapuri chappals with Indo-western attire as well. It will give the attire a fusion look. Usually, men wear these chappals during festivities.

Material for the Sandals

The artisans use processed leather for making Kolhapuri sandals. The basic material is leather and it is procured from goat, cow or buffalo skin. After procuring the people in the tannery do leather grazing to make leather tough. Without grazing process you cannot use leather-made shoe every day.

There is no special technique to make the sandals. The artisans cut the leather as per regular sandals and then give them traditional Kolhapuri shape. You will get the sandals in natural color. The design of the Kolhapuri sandals has an indigenous touch and that is the reason the color and texture are natural. However, nowadays, you will get different colors in Kolapuri sandals.

Therefore, these are the facts that you needed to know about Kolhapuri chappals. Now, you need to find an authentic seller. It will be good if you find a manufacturer who sells the product directly. A manufacturer, who understands the legacy works behind Kolhapuri sandals’ design, is able to offer some exquisite items. You need to find a manufacturer that offers a wide variety of designs.

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