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Ladies Nache Mayuri Kolhapuri Chappals-Quick, Spunky And Simple To Wear.

Posted by Admin on April, 20, 2021

Kolhapuri chappals are one of the famous and most picked slippers styles by ladies in India. This preference owing to its durability, comforts and style. Talking about the designs of ladies nache mayuri kolkhapuri chappals come with clear handcrafted, leather patti, and thread decorations which imparts them a classical but contemporary look. These kinds of products are one of a kind and every piece is unique in terms of designs, such as natural defect. The craftsmanship behind every piece is diligent as the craftsman make this product one of a kind by incorporating the natural aspect.

How these Ladies Nache Mayuri Kolhapuri Chappals are made?

The Kolhapuri chappals manufacturers make use of great artisans to create every piece.

The artisans make use of various sections of the animal's skin to create every piece unique like

  • head skin for the strap,
  • tail skin for thread, and
  • goat-skin for braid.

Oil is used to make the skin sleek and reducing leather wrinkles. The bag is colored locally by craftsmen using vegetable dyes. Buffalo and Bullock's leather is also used in making the sole. The complete production method for the different parts of the ladies nache mayuri kolhapuri chappals takes about 35 days, which is very long because of old-fashioned production methods.

How to match this unique piece of footwear with outfits?

Once the chappals dry out completely, they are still smaller and fitted. So you need to buy a fitted piece that will loosen up as you wear it. These chappals can be used promptly owing its open V-shape designs and look trendy in both traditional and western outfits. You are considered to be safe while walking as your feet are getting cooled and your body temperature is decreased. Considering the rashes that usually people get from new footwear this footwear is free of allergy except the customer is allergic to such leather styles.

Some common styles suggestions:

Kolhapuri Chappals with Denims

One of the best adaptations is to mix ladies Kolhapuri chappals with jeans. Wear denim of your choice with a colourful top that matches the colour and the style of the chappals that you wear.

Kolhapuri chappals with maxi skirts

The maxi skirts are good for the boho look as it picks the closed toes that are designated up for this appearance. Kolhapuri chappals may enhance such materials as velvet with sophisticated sticks.

If you are considering buying nache mayuri kolhapuri chappals then contact one of the reputed Kolhapuri suppliers.

They will supply you with the following benefits:

  • Wide range of chappals
  • wholesale quantity supply
  • affordable pricing
  • time stipulated delivery
  • three colours available
  • all sizes accessibility
  • nationwide reach
  • damage proof packaging

You should try several fun tones to match your chappals. You can go classical or club heavy churidars and give your vintage style a quick, nice combination by wearing nache mayuri Kolhapuri chappals. Buy them online now as it is an easy step to get your desirable styles without any hassle.

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